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About Bici-Mundo Bicycle Store

Bici-Mundo is an independent, fun and friendly bike shop to visit for all of your cycling needs and wants.
Remember: "if its in stock, WE'VE GOT IT!".

Bici-Mundo Staff


Owner:  Elson Miles

Mechanics:  Elson, Cayson and Susan

Guest Mechanic:  Brad

Accounts:  Susan Hueftle

Web and Marketing:  Mark Haughwout

Gardening and Security: Hopewise Greergee

Bicycle Repair shop:

Bicycle mechanics at Bici-Mundo bicycle shop in Flagstaff AZ

Let Bici-Mundo's friendly and knowledgeable team help you get on your next favorite ride, or get your current ride purring along the roads and trails.  We put Flagstaff on two wheels!


Owner/proprietor Elson Miles is a cornerstone of Flagstaff's cycling history.
  Elson was the original owner of Cosmic Cycles, back when bicycling on Snowbowl road was a mountain bike ride down a dirt road! 
And that was in the very early days of mountain bike development. 

Elson is also the inventor of the famous 'Elson bars' for bicycles:

Elson bicycle bars and their inventor Elson Miles
Elson Miles posing with "Elson bars"

Elson bicycle bars were designed with comfortable ergonomics in mind.

Guest Mechanics:

Guest bicycle mechanic at Bici-Mundo
Bici-Mundo guest mechanic Brad, working on a sweet cruiser!

Bicycle shop gardener
Thanks to Hopewise Greergee for caring for Bici-Mundo's flower beds and gardening.

Bici-Mundo is a bicycle shop experience like no other.
Bici-Mundo is more than just a bike shop - it is an experience!

Bici-Mundo - where buying a bicycle is still cheaper than buying a used car!


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